Immortal Redemption

The longest love story every told...

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Cassandra Elizzabeth is an exciting new indie voice, known for her immersive storytelling and vivid imagination. Her writing journey started when she could not find the books she wanted to read. Cassandra weaves themes of self-discovery, friendship, love, loss, and acceptance into a tapestry of macabre and spicy fiction, with a dash of murder, mayhem, and mystery. When not lost in the world of words, Cassandra can be found talking to the flowers or spending time with her family.

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The Immortal Redemption Series


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Coming 2024

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My mind is positively buzzing with possibilities. I anticipate releasing all three books in the Immortal Redemption series in 2024. I may continue on in that world or I may do something entirely different. I have at least two other series planned and at least one other stand alone novel.

Although I wish the image to my left was where I sat and wrote purely for aesthetics, I’m more often found writing on my front porch or in the kitchen when my kids are in bed.

I started writing because all the fiction books I was reading started to seem the same. I wanted to write what I wanted to read - real people with real issues (and a touch of dark whimsy).

My biggest hope, is that these are the types of books you want to read, too. If you feel inclined to leave a review wherever books are sold, I would greatly appreciate it!

Welcome to my world, I hope you love it here!

With all the love my black little heart holds,



Luke Devlin says, “Be a good girl and leave a review, mon petit chou.”

“Ma’am. MA’AM. That last sentence!!!!!!!!!!! Gah, perfect.”

“I read over 100 pages because I couldn’t put it down. I’m beyond hooked. It’s so damn good.”


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